I have recently (as in last year) discovered that there is a (as far as I can tell) central place for everything that relate to design at Google. And they awesomely use the .google top level domain (TLD).

The design.google website is supposed to be (as I have said, as far as I could understand) the central place for everything related to design from Google.

Theoretically it is a nice concept. But from the Digital Communications perspective is a sort of mess (as a lot of stuff from Google). They refer to a Medium site for posts made by the design team, fragmenting content (something that is not recommended by Google itself) and surprisingly not using the platform they own for blogging. This is a symptom of a poorly thought communication strategy.

I have already talked about it on Twitter. Seems strange they use a different platform (that they do not even have relations to) for their design communications when they have a product just for that (Blogger, remember?).

Of course, I had no response from Google.

The fact that they do not use their own blogging platform for their design blog is also a branding problem. Imagine an Apple employee that does not use Apple products. How does it sound to you? This is the image Google shows the world when they do not use Blogger for their blogging.

Of course for a company the size of Google, communications is a big challenge. But these examples makes us wonder if they even have a clue.

Nevertheless the title of this post, bear with me. The different teams, spreadded within the giant Google structure don’t seem to talk to each other and, importantly, they don’t seem to talk to anyone responsible for branding.