A few days ago, my wife introduced me to the existence of the “Sausage Party” movie. I must confess I haven’t heard of it before. As she was about to present it to me, she said “I know you’ll find this silly. But knowing you like I do, as soon as you know about who made it, you’ll want to watch it”.

Needless to say, she was correct. 100% spot on. I have not yet not enjoyed a single piece of audiovisual production that has been produced or involves Seth Rogen.

And then I passed though the five stages of Sausage Party:

  1. Denial – The first reaction was (as expected) denial. She first showed me the theatric trailer for the movie. My reaction was that this could not be a movie at all. It was just a prank. Then she showed me a clip from the orgy scene. The denial went on. There were no possibility that was something real. It was not just acceptable that someone had that idea for a scene nor a movie like that.
  2. Anger – After watching the trailer and the orgy scene, as my clever wife predicted, I decided I had to watch it. I became instantly angry because the damn movie was not available in Netflix.
  3. Bargaining – Bargaining process begun. We tried to find it on YouTube. No deal. Then began the search for a torrent file. A few visit to the usual torrent indexing services and voila. The movie was going to be downloaded.
  4. Depression – Download lasted more than the usual time. But I managed the wait. Then we proceeded to the movie watching experience per se. As the movie went on, I began to become aware that it was moving toward an end. This depressed me. I somehow wanted more. When the orgy scene ended I knew that there were only a few minutes left of that enjoyable and entertaining experience. “It is going to end soon, so what’s the point?” Was my mindset at that time.
  5. Acceptance – Then, when the end was inevitable, I became aware: “I can’t avoid it; I may as well be prepared for it.”. I embraced the decay of that silly movie watching experience with my both feet on the ground. I passed though a recap of that emotional roller coaster felling good.


It was worthy.