It’s been over one year now since I have switched from the default mail client on iOS and mac to Newton (formerly known as CloudMagic).

The experience is great. It is always good when we find a solution that is permanent and effective. Newton does that for me in the e-mail space.

Everything I have written in my initial review of the app stands (you can check it out here, when I compared it with other solutions). In the next few lines I am going to share how my experience is now that one year has passed. There are seven positive points about it and three not so positive remarks.

Let’s dive into them now:

1 – Sync is beautiful. I am always on the move, so sync is very important to me. Newton does that perfectly. It is always up to date in my mac, ipad and iPhone. I can start a message on my phone and within seconds it is there on the desktop for me to continue writing.

2 – Undo send for every account is a must. I am using 5 different e-mail providers for different purposes. Newton enables undo send in each and every one of them. Beautiful.

3 – The ability to see when a recipient opens your message is great.  I must confess I have enabled this recently. But it is excellent. You can see (via notification) when a recipient have opened your message. This is great to keep track of my work with my students. I suppose this is also very handy for those on sales and marketing.

4 – Multiple accounts with different aliases. As I have said, I manage 5 different e-mail accounts with Newton. I can organize them in a single inbox experience by choosing colors for each one. This is great. One other thing that is great is that Newton knows from what account I most e-mail a given person. Then, even if I choose the wrong account to start a message, Newton switches the correct account automatically. Great!

5 – Signature management is beautiful. I can have different signatures set for each account (and of course, each alias). I can enable HTML signatures and alternate between options easily. It could not be better.

6 – Integration with cloud storage providers. I use OneDrive as my default cloud storage solution. Newton integrates very well with it. It also have integration with iCloud, Dropbox, GoogleDrive and Box. One step less in our workflow.

7 – It is really beautiful. Newton is really beautiful. Its design is great and it is uniform across devices. It is clean and distraction free. It is a pleasure to use it.

As you can see. I do not regret switching to Newton over one year ago. And I can not stop recommending it to everyone. It is awesome.Of course there are some things that I do not like. Maybe this is a no-no for you, so I am going to list them now:

1 – Not having gestures on the desktop. I know this is a minor thing. But when I am on the iPhone and iPad i use gestures to manage my inbox. For example, Newton has the ability to configure what happens when you swipe left or right when navigating your messages. I have enabled the swipe to left to delete a message and swipe to right to archive a message. I would like to have that enabled on the desktop as well. As a magic mouse user, swiping a message when in my inbox in my mac would be great.

2 – Having to paste one address at a time when on the iPad. As a professor I constantly am facing situations when I must send messages to groups of students. I manage these addresses in an excel sheet. Unfortunately I can not select all cells and copy + paste them on the BCC field in Newton when on my iPad. I have to paste one address at a time. Bummer.

3 – I would love to use the former CloudMagic icon. Or any other envelope icon. I know this is minor, but let me explain: I use Telegram a lot. Constantly. The icons for both Telegram and Newton are little paper airplanes. I often get confused when multitasking. It would be nice to be able to use a different icon for Newton.

Well, as you can see, there are ten items on this list. 7 positive and 3 negative about my experience with Newton.

Of course there are other great Newton features there for you. The ability to snooze a message and schedule it seems nice. But it is not something I use. There is also the functionality to see a little bio of the person you are receiving a message from. This is good but not something I use a lot. I suppose it is a plus for those on marketing and sales. As a professor, this is nice but not a must have for me. Maybe it is for you.

In a nutshell, I must say it is the best e-mail client I have ever used. It is my primary choice and recommendation for everyone.

Go Newton!